The Artist's CoOp offered me a membership today!

Another Saturday

Time to breathe the air

Saturday afternoon

My Green Sea

Piloting the noisy, orange Husquervarna over the choppy earth and waving grass I follow the course. Carefully and without deviation. Plotted and charted it requires nothing more than my focus on the patch of rolling green in front of my dull eyes.

Movement close by and then more. The Swallows have found me. Like sharks coming to the scent of blood in the water. Feeding time. But they are so graceful in their hunt for the moths and other small specie they pluck from mid air that they are more mammalian than fish-like. Orcas of the sky they cruise the top of the low and windblown sea. Crisscrossing the bow of the whirring and clanking mowing machine. I can almost feel a breeze on my face as they streak and swirl in front of me. Some perch on the barbed wire strands as I go by. Most turn and launch themselves up and away at my approach. One or two might turn then flutter and shake, they shriek at me and my vessel. Deeply rich and iridescent purple with a dark rust colored chest We look at each other, eyeball to eyeball. I mean no harm. Just a benevolent caretaker, a helmsmen at his post.  In the sky are smaller shapes now sharing the sea of air. Smaller more slender. Dragonflys. The porpoises in my green sea today.

My stories

Nothing stays the same

Celebrating my Sweetie's B-Day At Nicola's

 We received a personal tour at The Artist's Co-Op Gallery by George Skudas on our way to dinner. A glass of wine, some red sauce with fresh made pasta and a free piece of Tirimisu cake. And very good company!

We walked back thru the Old Market and stopped in at Homers. Sue found some classical CDs and I scored some ZZ Top tuneage